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Buy Green Power without Changing Providers

What does it mean to buy green power? When you buy green power, you are purchasing power made from a renewable source of energy; in other words fossil fuels are not used in the making of electricity. Most people buy green power in blocks of 150 Kilowatts. You then decide how many blocks you want to purchase each month. Each block will save you about $6 on your electric bill.

Some people that have farm or lots of land that isn’t being used buy green power in another way. They purchase or lease wind turbines from a wind developing company. The home or business owners power their homes with the electricity generated from the turbines, and the surplus power is either sold back to a participating power company, or the wind farmer becomes a power company and sells the power to the neighbors.

Just about 50 percent of businesses in the retail market are given an option to buy green power. The power supplier is in direct competition with other power markets to offer alternative sources of power as a way to cut out the use of fossil fuels. Natural gas, oil and coal are fossil fuels, and one day these resources will be used up; they are not renewable. Cutting the use of fossil fuels will save tons of green house gas emissions from enter the environment.

If you are not already using an alternate source of electricity, check to see if your state offers power developed from renewable energy. So far there are about 600 utility companies that allow consumers to buy green power. Though it is a little more expensive to buy green power, consumers are given incentives.  Many of these participating power companies allow you to join a co-op connection where you can get substantial discounts at pharmacies, and retail stores such as Sears and Costco. When you buy green power, you don’t have to change power providers, you are allowed to pay a premium on your electric bill to cover the cost of renewable energy in kilowatt blocks.

When you choose to buy green power, you are purchasing clean energy, because there is no pollution of the environment; it is renewable. Consumers that buy green power realize they are paying a bit more for their electricity, but they also know that they are doing their part to reduce air pollution. About 85 percent of green power is produced by wind turbines, solar and other means, and the other 15 percent is produced by biomass. Some power companies buy green power that is converted from the waste of organic matter. Landfill gas is collected into a gas turbine and used to generate electricity.

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