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Green Lantern Power Rings

Who doesn’t want a Green Lantern Power Ring? The Green Lantern superheroes made their debut All-American Comics July issue 1940. Each of the superheroes wears a Green Lantern Power Ring that gives them superhuman powers to manipulate the laws of the physics in the physical world.

What exactly can a Green Lantern Power Ring do? It is a weapon that is capable of discharging blasts of energy to disable an opponent. The ring allows the wearer to fly, create a shield capable of resisting the attacks from superhuman enemies. The ring is capable of enveloping the wearer with an aura that protects the wearer harmful radiation when flying outside the earth’s atmosphere. The Green Lantern Power Ring enables the wearer to fly at speeds up to Mach 10; this is accomplished by the aerodynamic aura.

In the wonderful world of make believe the Green Lantern Power Ring gives the wearer, who has no superhuman abilities apart from the ring, to manipulate the forces of gravity, light, radiation, and other electromagnetic forces. Imagine the wearer of the ring being able to create force fields by his or her shear will? Your child will love playing in the world of make believe. How much fun can it be to break through the bounds of our atmosphere at warp speed and head toward the stars at the speed of light?

The Green Lantern Power Ring is a wonderful gift to give your child. Don’t forget to include the Superheros DVDs that feature the Green Lantern superheros. There are several DVDs that feature the Green Lantern superheroes. The Justice League stars Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, and other superheros who come together to fight crime on earth and in space. The voices for the characters are provided by Brooke Shields, David Boreanaz, Neil Patrick Harris, Jeremy Sisto, and Kyle MacLanhlan.

Your child will enjoy wearing the Green Lantern Power Ring because it represents the superheroes that risk everything to save the world. What fun it will be for a child with a vivid imagination. Imagine having the magical powers of clairvoyance? The ring has magical powers that allows the wearer to know things that are beyond his/her knowledge. The Green Lantern Power Ring has electromagnetic powers that can scan high frequency band communications, coming from television and radio sources.

You can buy the Green Lantern Power Ring online at the Superhero Store. The ring and all of the other props sold under the Green Lantern brand name is licensed by DC Comics. Before ordering your ring, be sure of your ring size. Because your knuckle may be larger than the base of your finger, it may be best to let a jeweler check your ring size for you.

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