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Green Power Direct Energy Partnerships

Let green power direct your home activities by getting involved with a green power partnership in your area. The partnerships encourage individuals and organizations to buy more renewable energy, rather than power made from fossil fuels to help stop global warming. By entering into the partnerships with other green power users you not only help to protect the environment, but you also receive discounts from many of your local stores, restaurants and hotels.

By switching to green power direct energy you will adding less waste into the environment. For every person that switches to green power direct energy the power companies burn less coal and save tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. Join with other people of your community through your local green power direct partnerships to make your neighborhood a green community.

Join with others in your area to learn how to save money on your monthly power bills by using green power direct energy blocks. Each green power direct energy block is sold in 150-kilowatt-hours. You can purchase as many blocks as you want. If you go 100 percent green you will add about $20 to your total electric bill. You can easily save the amount you have to spend for the energy blocks by changing your light bulbs in your house from conventional incandescent bulbs to green energy bulbs. There are many other ways in which to save on the energy used in your home. Your power company’s membership corporation has information about how to purchase clean energy, the benefits of going green, and how to save money on your monthly bill.

If you are not sure why you should switch to green power direct energy, joining your local partnership will help to educate you on the advantages of switching to green power direct energy. Electrical power produced from conventional ways releases tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, which is the leading cause of global warming. You can’t pick up a newspaper, magazine or turn on the television without seeing evidence of global warming.

Switching now to green power direct energy may not make a huge difference in your lifetime, but it will make a difference for your children and their children that come after them. The goal of switching to green power direct energy is not to save money, but to save the earth. The effects of global warming are many. At this time the polar ice cap is melting at an alarming rate. Polar bears are decreasing in numbers because their habitat is melting away. We need the rain forests to produce much needed oxygen, but they are also decreasing in size. Acid rain is a major problem. If we want to save the planet for the generations that come after us we have to make major changes. Join into a partnership in your area to discover how switching to green power direct energy can not only benefit you, but also help the environment.

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