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Many people are finding solutions to the growing energy crisis with home wind power systems.  In fact, 2007 showed an increase in the wind energy market by 45%.  While this figure incorporates the large scale market and small scale market, the fact remains that wind power generation is on the rise.  This is true globally, as well.  All around the world, nations are developing energy policies that incorporate or reward wind energy.  With such a booming market, it is no wonder why homeowners and small business owners are turning to home wind power to meet their demands.

Homeowners or small business owners interested in home wind power generation should consult their local authorities before beginning any project.  Local rules and regulations vary greatly around the country and local standards must be applied before construction.  Also, the local authorities may have added information regarding wind power in a particular area that prospective builders will not find anywhere else.  Another great resource is the Department of Energy.  The Department of Energy can provide data and statistics that could save builders a hefty portion of money during the construction phase of home wind power generation.

Once research and data have been collected and the proper permits obtained, homeowners should decide on a prime location for their home wind power turbine.  The turbine will need to be placed on a tall tower approximately eighty feet high.  The wind turbine should also be placed in a location that receives unobstructed and high wind speeds.  Open fields, Oceanside, and mountainside tend to be the most productive locations.  It is also important to consider other homeowners or property owners in the area.  Many people are not aware that modern wind turbine technology has resolved most noise complaints, so some concerns will probably be raised.

After the location has been selected, builders should look into several factories and manufacturers in order to purchase the correct home wind power kit to fulfill the specific needs.  Home wind power kits come in a variety of sizes and styles.  If the primary goal is to generate enough electricity to supply the household, one particular kit may be needed.  If the primary goal is to generate a surplus of electricity with the intent to sell back to the utility company, an entirely different kit may be needed.  Picking the appropriate home wind power kit is also highly dependent on the wind conditions in a particular area.  A larger or smaller turbine may be necessary depending on wind speed and obstruction.

Regardless of the technicalities of production, building a home wind power kit is entirely doable.  With a little patience and knowledge, homeowners can reap the economic benefits of a personal wind power generate that can be expected to significantly lower their utility bills.

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