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Making the Green Power Switch

Have you made the green power switch? Since the early 1990s utility companies have been offering consumers a choice in the kind of energy to power their homes and businesses. At least 20 percent of the utility companies in the USA offer a program to allow consumers t make the green power switch, which amounts to about 600 power companies. Consumers from about 12 states around the nation can buy a portion of their utilities from renewable sources.

Many power companies in Tennessee, for example provide electricity from renewable sources, such as solar, hydropower, wind and landfill gases. You can purchase blocks of renewable energy in the amount of 150 Kilowatts, and each block of power will save you about $6 on your monthly power bill. Many people are purchasing or leasing wind turbines from green power distributors. You can produce power to sell back to the power companies that are involved with the renewable energy programs to power the surrounding communities.

If you have an opportunity to make the green power switch, will you switch? In the United States more than 50 percent of its electrical power is generated from coal, and about 20 percent is generated by nuclear means, and 16 percent is produced by natural gas, and less than 10 percent is generated from hydropower, and less than 5 percent comes from renewable energy. Other countries around the world, like Australia, and many European countries are making the green power switch on a much larger scale than we are.

Some consumers make the green power switch to electricity produced by biogas. Biogas is another form of renewable energy that helps to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. Truckloads of cattle waste is sent to a processing center where electrical energy is produced and sold to participating power companies. When you make the green power switch you are saving tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the environment.

Biogas is used to make electrical power by fueling the combustion turbine that drives the electrical generator. By making the green power switch to a renewable form of energy, such as solar, wind, or biogas, a good portion of your electrical power is derived for the sole purpose to decrease pollution and preserve the environment for the next generation.

The less we depend on fossil fuel for electrical energy the less power has to be produced in that manner, and future generations will have a cleaner environment in which to live. If we make the green power switch now we may not notice a big difference in our lifetime, because fossil fuels have been used for many generations on a large scale. The cumulative effect of fossil fuels on global warming may take a few generations, but it will make a big difference to the generations that follow us.

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