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The Advantages of the Green Power Juicer

The Green Power Juicer is a heavy duty juicer that uses centrifuge to separate juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetables. It has long been held that juices are good for us. When we are sick the doctor tells us to drink plenty of juices. The Green Power Juicer extracts more juice with vitamins and minerals than any other juicer on the market.

We should eat several servings of fruits and vegetables each day, but many of us are have busy lives and we cannot take the time to eat right, so drinking our fruits and vegetables is the next best option. The Green Power Juicer is easy to use and automatically ejects the pulp that you can use as a great fiber source in many of your recipes. There is no sense wasting the pulp of the fruits and vegetables. Save them, freeze them for later use. You can use the pulp of vegetables in your favorite home made soup. The pulp of fruits can be used in energy shakes, gelatin desserts, and in many other recipes that calls for fruit.

The juicer has a twin gear press which presses out high volumes of juice from all forms of fruits and vegetables, including the green leafy vegetables. Green juices, such as those in green leafy vegetables and wheat grass contain lots of vitamins and minerals essential to our health, but conventional juicers either don’t extract a significant amount of juice or don’t hold up as long as the Green Power Juicer. Some people may be a little leery of drinking juices made of dark green vegetables, for fear they will taste bad, but the Green Power Juicer produces juices with a fresh rich taste. Besides tasting good, the dark juices will provide you with healthy amounts of copper, calcium, iron and many other minerals, and all of the essential vitamins.

Once you try the Green Power Juicer you will never want to go back to drinking canned or frozen fruit and vegetable juices. The commercially produced juices contain additives that may not be healthy for us to ingest on a regular basis. Using the Green Power Juicer you can make juice popsicles; your children will love them. You can make large quantities of fruit and vegetable juices and freeze them for later consumption. You can freeze juices in resealable containers such as Tupperware. Plastic glasses with lids are a great way to store these juices in the freezer. If you are in a hurry for work, take a container out of the freezer and take it with you to work. Your juice will be thawed and ready to drink by the time you take your break.

The Green Power Juicer is a quiet running machine due to its running at low RPMs. The juicer is easy to take apart and put together and easy to clean. All you need to do is rinse the parts off under running water. The Green Power Juicer comes with a 5 year warranty on the unit itself, and the motor and gears have a warranty of 2 years.



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