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The EPA Rewards Companies that Power Green

There are so many reasons to power green. Not only are individual households deciding to power green, but many business owners have decided to power green. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes and awards companies that power green. Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson’s, Timberland Company, PepsiCo and Staples are just a few companies that have received awards to power green.

You can power green by purchasing part of or all of your electricity from a renewable source; and you don’t even have to change power companies to do that. Most of the power companies have power green options. You can pay a premium on your electric bill that pays for a portion of your power to come from a clean energy source.

How can a utility company offer a power green source? Much electrical power is produced by wind developers. Home and business owners that have large areas of property have gone into the wind developing business. You can purchase or lease wind turbines from a wind developing company and power your own home, while the excess power is sold to the electric company that you have contracted with. The power company will pay you to produce electricity for them to sell to the power green community.

Biogas is another way to produce electricity. The landfills produce a large amount of methane gas. Many power companies purchase the electricity that is produced from the biogas turbines. About 20 percent of the nation’s clean power is generated from biogas, and about 70 percent is derived from harnessing the wind. To power green you only need to contact your utility company and ask if they have power green packages that you may purchase.

Much of Australia and many countries in Europe are powered by sustainable energy, and the power companies in the United States and Canada are doing following suit to help reduce the effects of global warming. If you would like to help save the environment for the generations to come, check with your local power company to see if you can purchase power that is not produced by fossil fuels.

If everyone nation wide were to power green it would stop megatons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. It is a fact that carbon dioxide emissions cause the effects of global warming. Even if you never get an award from the EPA you have plenty of incentive to power green. It costs a little bit more to power green, but you can save what you spend in premiums just by changing out your incandescent light bulbs for the CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs). CFL bulbs are a good investment; they last 10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

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