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Wind Mill Power

For hundreds of years, communities have used wind mill power to meet their energy needs. From the simple vertical axle windmills of ancient Persia to the modern electricity generators of contemporary communities, the use of wind mills is evolving. Wind turbines are a modern design of the wind mill. With the rise of environmental awareness and use of wind power to meet energy demands, residential areas are beginning to bring the wind power home and are seeing more and more wind turbines.. The rising cost of energy is paving the way for the use of wind power residentially.

The first use of wind mill power dates to early writings of the seventh century, though the date of the anecdote is debatable. Nonetheless, the earliest wind mills used six to twelve sails of reed or cloth material. The power was used to grind corn or pump water. By the twelfth century, wind mill power and aesthetics were evolving in Europe. During the thirteenth century, the Chinese used the wind mill power to irrigate crops. The bases of the wind mills were becoming smaller and rounder, and communities were broadening the uses of wind energy. Although the technology was still rudimentary, the pumps and grinds were being used for various goods. The types of wind mills and the uses of the wind mill power vary greatly throughout the generations and regions. The use of wind power progressed as the centuries endured. Today, civilizations are bringing wind power home and using it for more than pumps and grinds.

By using wind power, home builders can expect to reduce their overall utility bills between fifty and ninety percent. In cases where the wind turbines are situated in ideal locations, homeowners can even turn a profit on the energy generation. The concept is easy. When the energy generated is more than the energy used, local utility companies automatically purchase the excess energy. Over a long period time, the use of wind power may be significantly less than the wind power generated causing quite a profit for the owner.

Basically, a wind power home residential kit is purchased and installed. A wind turbine is situated on top of a tall tower, about eighty feet in the air. The tower collects energy from the wind and converts it into a useable energy source that is compatible with the wind power home system. In typical cases, residences are powered by a combination of wind energy and purchased electricity from a local utility company. As long as the wind speeds are conducive to electricity generation, the residence remains powered by the wind power home kit. When the wind speeds decline and electricity is not produced, the residence is powered by purchased energy. For residences in particularly windy areas, energy production may be significantly higher than the energy produced in less windy regions.

Thanks to the technology that has been changing over hundreds of years, homeowners are beginning to take advantage of an economical and practical energy supply. One that is highly renewable and sustainable for years to come.

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