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Wind Power Energy

Wind power energy is growing in popularity.  In the year 2007, wind energy generation increased in the United States by 45%.  The year 2008 is projected to do the same.  Growing concern over environmental issues and the public depletion of fossil fuels leaves many people searching for an economical and practical solution to the energy crisis.  Over the past five years, wind power energy has begun to fill the supply and demand gap for energy.  In fact, it is estimated that the United States has enough wind power energy to meet the entire nation’s energy needs.

Wind power energy projects span over thirty five states in the nation.  Last year, the United States was one of the world’s leading generators of wind energy, and the energy generated powered millions of homes.  Denmark leads the world with energy generation.  Due to its relatively small population and great ability to generate, the country was able to supplement a vast amount of its energy needs with wind power energy.  All around the world, national and local governments are creating and enacting aggressive energy policies.  With the intention to reduce the cost of energy and find a clean alternative, wind power energy is expected to expand exponentially.

Wind energy is a zero emissions energy source, and the wind turbines produce no chemicals or pollution.  In fact, over the course of a single residential turbine’s lifetime, the turbine can offset several tons of pollution that would otherwise be caused by conventional energy means.

Additionally, wind power energy is incredibly economical.  Residential turbines and turbines used to power small businesses can find a decrease of fifty to ninety percent on their utility bills.  These wind turbines can also generate a pretty hefty profit for the turbine owners.  When the energy generated from the turbines exceeds the energy needed to power the electric grid of the desired location, the local utility company will automatically purchase the excess energy.  For turbine owners with turbines in prime locations, this profit can be quite large.

As the supply and demand for conventional energy diverge, people are turning to alternative energy solutions and are looking for an affordable and environmentally friendly option.  The state and national governments in the United States are working diligently to promote energy programs to help solve the growing crisis.  Some small business owners and residences are taking the initiative and producing their own energy.  Investors looking for a great return in a budding market should seriously consider wind power energy initiatives.  The available tax credits and affordability of wind generators make the offer appealing.

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