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Wind Power Facts

Wind power usage is on the rise as industry leaders and residential owners are discovering this cost-efficient and environmentally friendly energy alternative.  In 2007 alone, the United States expanded its wind power generation by 45%.  The American Wind Energy Association, along with many environmental and special interests groups, is dedicated to providing interested parties with wind power facts and information to help promote the use of wind energy.

The US wind power industry spans approximately thirty-four states and generate approximately one percent of the total national energy supply.  This one percent represents nearly 4.5 million homes that are powered by wind power.  As far as wind power facts and estimates for 2008, the year is expected to render a strong performance that could rival 2007.  However, the proliferation of wind energy production is highly dependent on tax credits and business incentives for the wind power industry.  Current incentives and estimates are scheduled to terminate at the end of the year.

Wind power facts and estimates are consistently touting the cost efficiency of wind energy as an energy alternative.  Residences with wind energy conversion capabilities find significant reductions in their overall utility bills.  It is not uncommon for households using a combination of wind energy and purchased energy to see a reduction of fifty to ninety percent on their electric bills.  Although the initial investment in wind energy conversion may be steep, wind power facts show that the installment of wind turbines and generators will payoff and may even become profitable.  Wind turbines in prime locations, receiving greater unobstructed wind speeds, can produce a surplus amount of energy which is then automatically purchased by the utility company.  In this manner, wind power can be directly profitable to owners.

Wind power is globally recognized as a clean and safe energy alternative, much more so than other alternative energy supplies that are fossil fuel derived.  However, wind power facts and estimates are constantly changing to accommodate for the quickly evolving wind power technology.  What were once considered environmental problems, are being solved and altered in the most unobtrusive ways.  For example, it was once true that wind turbines and wind energy generation was quite noisy.  Today’s wind turbines that incorporate modern technology and engineering are much quieter or are placed in isolated locations.  What has remained consistent in wind power facts and information is the cleanliness of production and the renewal of the energy resource.

Theoretically speaking, there is enough wind power in the United States to fulfill all of the nation’s energy needs.  With such a clean and cost-efficient energy alternative at our disposal, it would be practical and economical to research and seriously consider the extended use of wind power.

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