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Wind Power Generation

Wind power generation in the United States has grown by nearly 45 percent in 2007.  Rising public awareness of environmental issues and the escalating costs of energy production have significantly contributed to aggressive energy policies around the world as nations clamor for policies that engage alternative energy sources.  Wind power generation is a clean and cost-efficient energy source that is widely preferred over fossil fuel based energy sources.  In recent years, residential use of wind power generation has exploded exponentially in attempts to save on utility bills, generate profits, and do their part to help the environment.

The concept of wind power generation is not terribly difficult to understand.  Basically, wind turbines, which are strategically located, collect and convert wind energy into electricity.  The wind turbines are connected to electrical grids.  Individual turbines can convert energy in small localities, and large scale wind farms can convert energy into larger scale electric grids.

On a small scale, wind power generation is extremely cost efficient and can even turn a profit for owners with wind turbines in prime locations.  On a larger scale, however, cost efficiency is greatest when wind power generation is used as a supplementary measure.  The purchase of wind power generation kits is still highly practical for home or small business use.

Wind power generation for small localities is best employed with purchased electricity as a back-up.  Wind energy is the main source of energy to power an area but is supplemented with the purchased energy when wind speed is too low to effectively produce electricity.  Conversely, wind energy can be generated to excess and the excess amount of energy will automatically be bought by local utility companies.  This is how wind power generation not only saves in utility bills, but puts money directly in the pockets of its owners.

Wind energy is highly renewable.  The general consensus is that this form of energy is much cleaner than other alternative energy sources, especially energy sources that are fossil fuel derived.  However, there is some debate concerning the placement of wind turbines and wind farms.  Because the best sites for wind power generation tend to be in scenic mountain areas and coastal areas, many claim that the aesthetics of wind turbines and wind farms are unnatural and devalue the landscape.

Nonetheless, wind power generation is being steadily employed.  The cost-efficiency and environmental friendly nature of the energy source are amazing advantages and should not be ignored.  Although the full direct and indirect impact of wind power generation may never be known, wind energy is a practical response to today’s energy problems.

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